Newscast: 11/10/2021

Matthew Jaroncyk, Associate Producer: Q30 Newscast

On this week’s newscast, Ross Meglin and Joe LoGrippo were on the desk together talking about SGA Commuter Senator Helen Tran resigning Wednesday afternoon from her position, as well as the recent changes regarding the School of Engineering.

Vanessa Blasi has the details about the recent uptick of COVID-19 cases across campus and student reactions to the news.

After the Quinnipiac community learned about the extremist stickers found on the North Haven campus, Hephzibah Rajan spoke to Don Sawyer about the act of hatred and how it is not tolerated on campus.

With SGA’s Ask Away event gearing up, Luca Triant spoke to SGA Vice President of Inclusion Jeremy Gustafson about what he expects students to take away from the event.

As temperatures seem to be above-average for this time of the year, Katie Coen is in the studio to tell us about what the weather will look like for the upcoming week.

Looking at what’s going on politically, Olivia Kettell informs us about the recent news involving the Infrastructure Bill and the new set of vaccine rules being challenged by Republican states and private business owners. Jessica Brij-Raj talks about the United States ending its 20-month international travel ban and Pfizer requesting approval for its COVID-19 pill.

Finally, Santino Maoine gives us a recap of Quinnipiac sports this past week, including a weekend sweep from the men’s ice hockey team and women’s soccer team falling short of the MAAC title.