Q30 Newscast: 03/31/2021


On this week’s newscast, Hannah Mirsky and Steven Pappas take the desk to discuss the latest COVID-19 numbers, along with orientation and in-person summer course plan updates.

Grace McGuire provides updates on the COVID-19 vaccine availability for Quinnipiac students.

Ten months after George Floyd’s death, Liz Flynn has updates on the trial against former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, along with more national news including the crime wave increase towards Asian Americans.

Hephzibah Rajan hosts a live interview with Quinnipiac’s Asian Student Alliance, discussing students’ distrust and skepticism towards the university’s motives and community healing sessions.

We’ve been seeing some cloudy and rainy days recently. Kaylyn Terry has this upcoming week’s sunnier weather updates.

Alyssa Murphy is in the studio to discuss the latest political news, including President Biden’s plans on addressing the rise in Anti-Asian violence and spreading the use of offshore wind power.

Closing the newscast, Jacob Resnick has the latest Quinnipiac sports updates.