Q30 Newscast 11/08/17


Brendan Brooks

Kerry Golden and Cullen Ronan anchor this week’s episode of the Q30 Newscast.

There are now two vacant seats in student government. Beverly Wakiaga has an exclusive interview with one of the former SGA members who was removed from her position today.

With Veteran’s Day coming up, Krista Dillane speaks with one Quinnipiac professor who has five purple hearts. Hear his emotional story.

Also, John Welsh covers a fundraiser aimed at helping veterans.

Alumni weekend was full of fun events. Christina Vittas was at the tailgate to talk to former Bobcats.

As the university looks for a president to replace John Lahey next year, Hamden town election results are in.

We have our second edition of a new segment – “Quinnithanks” – Eliza Kruczynski asks students about their favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Brooke Reilly has the upcoming week’s forecast, and Christina Vittas has details on all things entertainment news.

The hockey rink up on York Hill has officially been renamed. MJ Baird has the scores from the most recent games played there.

And lastly, the university came together to raise money for a senior going through a difficult battle with cancer. Hear more about her fight… all on this week’s Q30 Newscast.