Quinnipiac gets into the holiday spirit

Cali Kees

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For the first year ever, Quinnipiac students came back from Thanksgiving break greeted by decorative lights on the Mount Carmel, North Haven and York Hill campuses.

Student Government Junior Senator Julia Schade is the one who made it all happen.

“This is something that SGA has worked on in the past and it was approved back in 2017, but it was never implemented,” Schade said.

Schade thinks that the lights are already getting the Quinnipiac community into the holiday spirit.

“Everybody seems to love it which is really exciting,” she said. “I mean we’ve had the wreaths in the past but this just kind of boosts morale around the stressful last two weeks of the semester.”

Most students are excited about this new addition to campus and other students have some suggestions for the future.

Quinn Frankel, junior, said, “I don’t have a huge issue with it, I mean I’m Jewish so obviously if there was like a menorah or something that would be cool too.”