Quinnipiac to offer new 75% off tuition scholarship program for Hamden residents


Olivia Kettell, Newscast: Associate Producer

A new scholarship program through Quinnipiac University for Hamden and North Haven residents is set to offer two high school students scholarships as a part of the strategic plan to strengthen the relationship with the surrounding community.

Vice President for Strategy and Community Relations Bethany Zemba worked alongside President Judy Olian, Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett and Director of College and Career Pathways for Hamden Public Schools Daniel Cocchiola to develop the program specifically in Hamden. The scholarship will be given to two students a year over four years, amounting to 75% of full-time tuition.

“Our relationship with the town of Hamden is very important and we are always looking for opportunities. We know that there are students who are super talented and we would love to bring them to Quinnipiac,” Zemba said. “Quinnipiac is in their backyard and we want students and residents of the town of Hamden to recognize how important we think they are.”

This scholarship program is a unique way that Quinnipiac hopes to engage more personally with residents of the surrounding area. Garrett is also optimistic about the program’s effect on Hamden.

​​“I am grateful for the commitment that Quinnipiac University has made to provide opportunities to Hamden students. These scholarships will have a profound impact on Hamden students,” Garrett said. “This is another step forward in the close partnership between the town of Hamden and Quinnipiac University.”

Cocchiola worked closely with Zemba and Olian to develop the idea for the scholarship.

“Quinnipiac, being a local university, is making an investment in our town and in our students,” Cocchiola said. “I think kids are going to have a greater chance at high quality, higher education.”

In addition to strengthening the relationship between the town and the university, Cocchiola believes that the scholarship will provide more students with the opportunity to access higher education.

“We always want to provide the greatest amount of access as possible, but in a town like Hamden where half our population is financially disadvantaged, that access isn’t always available to all people in the same ways,” Cocchiola said.

Hamden High School students and staff alike are excited about what the scholarship program means for students going forward.

“There has definitely been a buzz in the community about this, from the superintendent’s office into the classrooms,” Cocchiola said. “I think this is going to drive student interest in Quinnipiac, but more importantly it’s going to drive student outcomes and success at Quinnipiac.”

Both schools’ administrators are excited about what this could mean for both Quinnipiac and the greater surrounding community.