Quinnipiac’s Office of Counseling Services brings changes

Brooke Reilly, News Director

With a 40 percent increase in demand for counseling services last semester, the Quinnipiac Office of Counseling Services is bringing about changes to decrease the wait times to see a counselor.

“We’re trying to move from a one size fits all approach to more of a tailored, individualized approach,” Director of Counseling Services Ariela Reader said. “Part of what we’re doing is expediting the way students can get in.”

This new approach will allow students to schedule appointments for the same day that they call. Appointments that are 30 minutes long are set aside each day for this. However, the earlier students call, the better.

“We heard the students say they were having a really hard time getting in for appointments, so we’re trying to really address that, and provide a better service for our students,” Reader said.

Students think that this will benefit those who may need emergency counseling.

“To just walk in saying that they just had a really tough test, or they’re having roommate issues, and their RA isn’t around or a friend, having a professional around to talk to can really, really benefit a lot of students,” sophomore Emma Morales said .

Sometimes students need to speak with someone immediately instead of waiting.

“I know a couple people who have already had a mental breakdown, first-year student Déjà Banner said. “They wish they had somebody to talk to instead of holding in all their feelings.”

The Office of Counseling Services is currently down one counselor. 

“The position that is vacant was a part-time position, so as far as the hours, I think we are maximizing what we can do with the staff that we have,” Reader said.

The Student Government Association’s Health, Wellness and Accessibility Senator, Bobbi Dynice, works on ways to improve these services.

“If students have concerns that they have for the health center or anything on campus that reaching out to the appropriate representative is a good way to implement those changes,” Dynice said.

The Office of Counseling Services is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students looking to schedule an appointment can call the office at (203) 582-8680 or online on the student health portal.