SGA Elects New Vice President for Finance

Kassidy Berger

Barbora Hriňáková was elected as Student Government Association Vice President for Finance on Wednesday. Hriňáková will serve for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Last week, former Vice President for Finance Glenn Adams resigned, stating a need to refocus on his education. According to SGA, Adams cited “ongoing challenges with maintaining the position to a level he was content with as a result of workload and current class schedule.”

SGA also passed two constitutional amendments, one will enable SGA to hire a part-time Finance Assistant, pending university approval for funding. This person “will assist SGA with use of the credit card, filing of reimbursements, and tracking of the overall budget to ensure consistency and timely follow-through on student organization requests going forward”, according to SGA.

Some student organizations have experienced reimbursement issues and spending freezes in the past few weeks.

“They’ll see more of an ease, more of a ready easiness to finance than they have in the past, just because it’s not just one person- it’s VP for Finance, the Finance Committee and now this Finance Assistant,” Adams said. “It’s just going to make things easier. You’ll see organizations have a lot less financial stress and just be able to make purchases and do things quicker in terms of having their event the day of.”

Wednesday’s special election occurred in executive session. The candidates’ speeches and subsequent vote were limited to SGA members only. Students and other members of the public are not allowed in executive session.

In the open forum section of Wednesday’s meeting, SGA Vice President Sophia Marshall said she plans on introducing elections in regular session as a topic of discussion in the upcoming weeks.

“I just feel that with transparency and that being a main goal for SGA this year and with our e-board really pushing that value especially, it’s definitely something we should be advocating for in all respects of SGA, especially with elections because the student body doesn’t necessarily have a say in special elections,” Marshall said. 

Check back with Q30 News for a full interview with Hriňáková next week.