SGA Vice president for Finance resigns

Luca Triant

Glenn Adams has resigned from his position as vice president for finance of the Student Government Association.

The SGA Executive Board member gave a speech during Wednesday’s general board meeting explaining his reasoning for stepping down.

“Although I have continually put in as much effort as possible, and strive to serve every student as best I can, I am afraid that due to the immense amount of work necessary to adequately serve the student body, and a strong need to refocus on my education, that it has not been enough,” Adams said.

A special is planned for next week to fill his position. Six candidates in the SGA have already announced their bid to succeed Adams’ role as vice president for finance.

Alongside the election of new vice president for finance, the SGA is voting on the addition of another finance-related official next Wednesday. This person would serve as a graduate assistant (GA) to the SGA and would handle a large part of the association’s large budget.

“I think having two VPs for finance in a row that have failed to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the role fully has shown me that something needs to be done,” SGA President Austin Calvo said in an interview with Q30. “What we’re looking for is a GA as a lifesaver so they can get us caught up in everything and fix our stuff.”

Both the election and the vote on the implementation of a GA are set to be conducted next week. If the GA vote passes, the SGA will begin searching for a valid candidate to fill the newly created role.