State of the QUnion Recap

Brooke Reilly

The Student Government Association held its annual State of the QUnion on Feb. 17.

Each year, a series of panelists from administration at Quinnipiac answer questions that students can submit anonymously online. President Judy Olian, Executive Vice President and Provost Mark Thompson, Vice President for Academic Innovation and Effectiveness Annalisa Zinn, Vice President and Dean of Students Monique Drucker, Vice President for Facilities and Capital Planning Salvatore Filardi and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer Don Sawyer all served on this year’s panel.

“It gives us the opportunity to put the administrators out there and hold them accountable to all these different issues that students want to have answers to,” SGA Vice President Luke Ahearn said.

Much of the conversation revolved around President Olian’s Strategic Plan for the university.

“Your thoughts and your ideas and feedback and your input into this plan are going to be crucial as we move towards completion of the plan and than ultimately execution,” Olian said in her opening speech.

There were also several questions regarding construction projects through the Master Facilities Plan.

“The process isn’t finalized yet,” Filardi said. “But I would expect that we’ll have multiple opportunities for students to be engaged through surveys, through independent groups that we can reach out to, just different constituencies amongst the students to find out what their thoughts on different facilities are in town forums similar to this type of environment.”

Other major topics that are discussed each year that came up once again are the addition of club sports, what students’ tuition covers and how Quinnipiac is working toward becoming more diverse.

The event served as an eye opener for both students and administration. Stay with Q30 News for updates as changes continue to be made at the university.