Students continue receiving Federal Work Study remotely


Luca Triant and Ethan McCabe

Quinnipiac University sent out information to its community regarding the status of federal work study employment on Friday.

An email sent by Vice President for Enrollment Eric Sykes described to students the new measures the university is taking to address student employment. Students were ordered not to return to school during spring break over fears of the COVID-19 pandemic, mirroring most other colleges and universities across the United States.

Sykes’ full email to students.

Sykes said the Department of Education had “provided important guidance about work study and has granted colleges and universities permission to pay a limited amount of federal work study funds to students who are unable to perform their jobs remotely.”

He also mentioned the university would follow government guidance to support student workers who were not sure about what would be coming after Quinnipiac’s campus closed.

“Quinnipiac will use the funds to pay eligible students as allowed under this updated guidance,” Sykes said.

Students who qualify as eligible must be in the federal work study program during the Spring 2020 semester and have worked at least 10 hours during this semester. Those who meet this eligibility will be separated into two groups: those whose workplaces can allow students to continue to work remotely from home and those whose cannot.

Students in the work study program who are given a way to work from home by their employers will continue to be paid their normal wages for their hours worked through the end of the semester. However, this must be approved by their supervisors.

Students who cannot continue to work for the rest of the semester will instead receive a portion of the pay they would have gotten if they were able to continue working. Students in this category will receive further information on April 14.

Students who are not part of the work study program can continue their jobs remotely if possible, although this must be approved with their supervisors.  Students who do not have work study and cannot continue their jobs remotely will not receive pay for the remainder of the semester.

Sykes also said students who are not sure which category they fall in should contact their immediate supervisor. Anyone concerned about financial aid can email Victoria Hampton at [email protected] for questions.

“We fully recognize the impact the pandemic has had on students who earn funds through the work study programs,” Sykes said. “We hope this will provide some relief as we navigate this unprecedented time together.”