Students Go Green

Kaye Paddyfote

Earth day was April 22, 2019, but students at Quinnipiac celebrated the holiday two days later. Students for Environmental Action held their first Earth Day fair which consisted of speakers, games and vendors outside, while healthy, organic food was given out in the piazza.

The members who founded the club felt as though this was a big club that was missing at Quinnipiac and wanted to do something about it. They have been doing different things on campus to get other students involved with sustainability, recycling and so much more. Leah Lavin, former vice president for the club, expressed her happiness with the club.

“Students love sustainability on our campus and they know we need it but, they never really had an outlet to show that need. By forming our club we gave them the opportunity to do so,” Lavin said.

The advisor for this club, Sean Duffy, is really impressed with the work that the students have been doing and the impact of this club will have a long lasting effect here at Quinnipiac.

“It has the potential of being a club with real on going program that is a beautiful program on campus,” Duffy said.  

“When it comes around earth day it’s really just a good time for people who don’t even care about environmental issues to really get involved and see what’s happening and how they can help.” Erin Ledrew, former event coordinator for students for environmental action, said.

If you’re interested in things like this, the members of students for environmental action club urge you to join and get involved. If you missed the fair this year you can go next year.