Students Stay Safe During Political Turmoil


Christina Vittas

Due to the current political turmoil in the Catalonian region of Spain, the 23 Quinnipiac students studying abroad in Spain have been having quite the interesting experience.

Students have reported countless protests within the region regarding the referendum for independence in Catalonia. The current political movements within the region have given the Quinnipiac study abroad office as well as their on-ground partners much more to do in order to help keep students aware and safe while enjoying their abroad experience.

All Quinnipiac students have been receiving frequent emails from their student insurance, on-ground program partners as well as Mark Tortora, the Associate Director of Education Abroad Programs. These messages inform recipients on where students should be cautious of when traveling to as there might be some type of protest or demonstration that students need to be aware of in order to ensure their own safety.

Q30 reached out to Quinnipiac junior, Cali Kees who is currently studying in Barcelona, Spain to hear how her abroad experience has been thus far.

Thanks to the university’s resources, all Quinnipiac students abroad in Spain have remained safe thus far in their journey abroad and will have a plethora of stories to tell from their experiences of being right in the middle of this historical movement in Spain.