Students turn to social media after being served raw chicken

Brooke Reilly

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There was concern in the Quinnipiac dining hall when a raw piece of chicken was served on a sandwich at Café Q on Monday.

This image quickly spread among Quinnipiac students after it was posted to the Quinnipiac Barstool Instagram page (@qubarstool).

Students took their anger to the comments section on the post, saying things such as the food should not look like this with the tuition that they pay to attend Quinnipiac.

The QU Dining Experience Instagram page (@qudining) was tagged multiple times in the post and commented back. 

Senior Madeleine Pagano was not happy with the response provided and took her anger to the comments section as well.

Quinnipiac Dining sent an email to all students and Quinnipiac employees addressing the issue. The email was very similar to the QU Dining Experience Instagram comment.

Pagano reacted to receiving this email after her comment on the post.

“As a senior I’ve never seen a change and I don’t think any other student has seen a change,” Pagano said. “There’s an automatic response on QU Barstool. QU Dining follows comments and puts the same exact response in every mistake that they do and then it’s not fixed and it happens again.”

Quinnipiac Dining Resident District Manager Chuck Couture spoke with the Quinnipiac Dining staff about this issue and how they should react if students ask questions about the situation.

We reviewed how serious an issue serving raw chicken is and their role in preventing that from happening in the future,” Couture said. “We also informed our staff that if any student had any questions about the post to direct them to a manager and not to engage in a conversation they had limited knowledge of.”  

Quinnipiac Dining is continuing to address issues as attention is brought to them.

A person whose name is listed as, Quinnipiac Memes, started a petition on titled, “Have Quinnipiac address the Chartwells food issue.”

The number signatures on the petition is continuing to rise by the second. In just four hours, it has caught the attention of over 600 people.

After being up for just over 24 hours, the petition has reached over 1,000 signatures.

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Updated 9:55 p.m. Nov. 8, 2019. This article will be updated as new information is released.