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The results: 2019 student government election

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The results: 2019 student government election

Cali Kees

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Below are the full results of the 2019 Student Government Elections:

Executive Board

President: Austin Calvo

Vice President: Sophia Marshall

Vice President for Finance: Glenn Adams

Vice President for Student Experience: Esau Greene

Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations: Jamien Jean-Baptiste

Judicial and Ethics Board

Chief Justice: Lille Gaeta

Justice: Matthew Forcino

Justice: Kyra Angileri

Justice: Mel Lugo

Specialized Representation Senators:

Multicultural and Idenity Senators: Sierra Cornelison and Tina Asfaw

International Student Senator: Mary Dudani

Health, Wellness and Accessibility Senator: Niamh Condon

Liberal Arts Senator: Jeremy Gustafson

Commuter Student Senator: Joshua Gorero

Student Athelete Senator: Natalie Alechko

Student Veteran Senator: Kathleen Lekko

Academic At-Large Senator: Paige Osborn

Class of 2020 Cabinet:

President: Julia Suesser

Vice President: Kelly Reynolds

Class Senator: Luke Ahearn

Class Senator: Julia Schade

Class Senator: Andy Stafa

Class Senator: Olivia Weardon

Class Senator: Vacant

Class Senator: Vacant

Class of 2021 Cabinet:

President: Meghan McNulty

Vice President: Max Mallinen

Class Senator: Olamide Gbotosho

Class Senator: Briana Wyman

Class Senator: Kaye Paddyfote

Class Senator: Evan Maione

Class Senator: Katrina Manzari

Class Senator: Victoria Fater

Class of 2022 Cabinet:

President: Alec Williams

Vice President: Drake Marchese

Class Senator: Rebecca Perez

Class Senator: Eric Kerr

Class Senator: Nick Ciampanelli

Class Senator: Alyssa Baker

Class Senator: Sheariah Stevens

Class Senator: Ja’Vielle “Jave” Foy

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