Toad’s Place Takes New Measures to Protect Their Guests

Vanessa Blasi, Executive Producer

The popular New Haven nightclub Toad’s Place is now offering rapid COVID-19 tests at the door for those who are unvaccinated or who haven’t gotten a PCR test before coming. The rapid test will cost $10 and results will be available in 10 minutes. 

With many students in attendance each week, Toad’s Place only has a limited amount of rapid tests. Owner Brian Phelps says the tests are hard to come by.

It’s difficult to get them so we just go around to all the stores throughout the week and we buy as many as we can buy and usually it’s pretty close to what we need,” Phelps said. 

Toad’s has been a popular spot for Quinnipiac University students for years now. While most students are vaccinated, some students like first year Evan Cowen are grateful for this new opportunity to get tested. 

“I’m unvaccinated myself, so I think this would be very helpful for people like me and many others who are not vaccinated and just make it a whole lot better,” Cowen said. 

Second year marketing major, Anna Kiernan says she is also excited to hear this news. 

“I think that way people don’t have to worry about planning out their week if they don’t have the vaccination card and figuring out when they’ll get tested so they can have their results in time,” Kiernan said.  “I think that’s a really good way that they can make sure everyones still negative and safe, but still able to have fun.” 

However, not all students are convinced this is a good idea. First-year student Elle Weinstein is hesitant about the idea and the effect it may have on the lines. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea because I feel like, one, people that go there, they’re just eager to party.” Weinstein said. “I know it’s a rapid test but no one’s going to want to wait that long for a rapid test, they just want to go in and party.”

Phelps will continue giving customers the chance to get tested to ensure everyone’s safety. 

“If we didn’t have them here we would just be flat turning them away, but with the test here at least they have the option to pay the ten bucks and take the test,” Phelps said. “I think it’ll get better every day as we go through this fall semester and get into the early part of spring semester.”

After a year-long shutdown, Toad’s Place reopened to the public in June 2021 and Phelps plans to keep it open to continue providing college students a place to get together safely and enjoyably.