Construction Continues Across the Mount Carmel Campus

Katie Coen

Quinnipiac University is in the process of multiple construction projects across the Mount Carmel Campus, including an update to the Recreation and Wellness Center and the beginning stages of building the South Quad.

Although there have been setbacks in the construction, Vice President for Facilities and Capital Planning Sal Filardi says the Recreation and Wellness Center will be finished this semester. Filardi says the southern wing will be open next month and the building will be fully operational by Thanksgiving. 

“[Not only is there a] lot of new equipment, but it has accessible equipment,” Filardi said. “So even some students with disabilities can still work out on the new equipment.”

Many students, like first-year journalism major Aydin Herlihy, are looking forward to the new features the building will have, like the juice bar and rock climbing wall.

“They said they’re putting in a rock climbing wall, right?” Herlihy said. “I’m definitely going to do that because I’m into rock climbing.”

Others are excited for more space to work out, especially the student athletes. Ashley Torres-Brown is on the rugby team.

“Since I’m on one of the varsity teams, I’m looking forward to being able to have a bigger room to lift because right now we have three racks, which I’m so grateful for, but having that extra space will be good for every other team,” Torres-Brown said.

Aside from the Recreation and Wellness Center, other buildings on campus got refurbished this summer. The Center for Communications and Computing and Engineering got new furniture, collaborative classrooms for engineering students, and a computer lab. The admissions building is currently being renovated with a new patio and a large screen. New classroom space is being added to the library as well.

South Quad was announced in February. It will be home to a new academic building with labs, a new School of Business and a new residence hall. 

For the building process to begin, the school had a three step process. It began with a Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on Sept. 13, where the university asked for approval to become an independent zoning district. This status gives the school more flexibility in the construction process.

“Once we get [Planning and Zoning Committee] approval, then we’ll need site plan approval,” Filardi said. “Then we’ll be able to get a building permit and start construction. Those are the three steps, and the town has already approved.”

Filardi says students may experience some disruptions in the coming years, as these construction projects get underway. He hopes students and visitors will understand and look forward to the future.

“There’s going to be inconvenience for folks on campus for the next couple of years, and we’re hoping that people remember the endgame and won’t get too upset with the inconveniences,” Filardi said.

He assures all students that this construction is for the benefit of current and future Quinnipiac students.

“Everything we do is designed around providing a better experience for the students in a better outcome of not just the education process, but the entire educational experience,” Filardi said.

South Quad is set to be completed during the 2024-2025 school year.