What is the future of Roberto’s?

Olivia Schueller

Roberto Loera, the owner of the popular Hamden bar, Roberto’s, known to student’s as Dicks, is set to retire at the end of this Spring, leaving the future of the bar unknown. 

“It has been an amazing run in this location since 2001, but the time to call quits, has come,” Loera said in an Instagram direct message to Q30News. 

Loera is heading to the Caribbean with the graduating class over Spring break and will keep his doors open until the end of May.

“As of today we haven’t sold the place to anyone despite the rumors, but in January we will seek a realtor that will manage the sales of the business,” Loera said. 

The bar owner explained that a group of young adults are interested in taking over the business, but nothing is set in stone. 

“There is a possibility that miss Taylor Gartner, a QU alumni that started working with me on her sophomore year, may continue running the business,” Loera said. 

 Loera calls his retirement “bittersweet.”  

“To think [of] all the friendships I have made with the QU students,” Loera said. “It’s hard to say I won’t be here anymore.”