QTHON hosts Child Health Day Carnival

Kaye Paddyfote

The semester is halfway through, so QTHON fundraising is in full swing. This past Monday, QTHON held its first-ever child health day carnival on the quad. Many organizations were represented on the quad and had various games and activities to help fundraise.

“Child health day is a national holiday celebrated all across the country,” Rachel Taylor executive director, said. “It is not just related to dance marathons but it holds a special place in our hearts because we do fight for the children at all times.” 

Some of the games and activities included pieing students, egg tosses, games of frisbee and more. Students were encouraged to purchase tickets and visit each table. Each table had different fun facts about what QTHON is and where the donations go. 

“We have facts on each table, so I really hope people read the facts and see where their money is going and the impact they can have with every cent,” Emma Horn, co-chair of dancer relation, said.

In the past years, QTHON has hosted a Halloween event for the kids, but this year they decided to do something new.

 “We thought child health day is so important. Why don’t we take our October event and put all of our efforts into this one big day?” Horn said. “This year we really want to bring the focus to cause connection and see that each table has a fact and each organization is helping us. It’s so cool we get the organization involved so early.” 

QTHON’s biggest focus this year is making sure students understand what QTHON’s is raising money for, and where it’s all going. They want students to make their own connections as well as share in the connection with QTHON. They want students to understand why they put on this dance marathon every year and why it means so much to them. 

“We are really focused on cause connection and why we are doing what we do,” Taylor said. “Right now it’s not money focused and we are really just looking for people to understand what we do and then support us because they feel the fight as much as we do.”

Students can look forward to more fundraising efforts for QTHON in the near future because the big dance marathon is March 21, 2020.