Quinnipiac announces 118 students tested positive for COVID-19

Quinnipiac announces 118 students tested positive for COVID-19

Matthew Jaroncyk, COVID-19 Beat Reporter

Quinnipiac students are arriving back to campus for the spring semester, and Quinnipiac officials have notified students about the positive pre-arrival tests.

The university updated its COVID-19 dashboard, showing a total of 118 students who have tested positive for COVID-19 since Jan. 5.

The dashboard also indicates that those who tested positive will “remain home until they have recovered and are cleared by Quinnipiac Student Health Services.”

In an email sent by Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett, he talks about the difference between the previous and upcoming semester, most notably that there are higher amounts of COVID-19 cases now than there was when the fall semester started.

Ellett outlined three steps students can do to protect the “Bobcat Bubble,” specifically staying within the Quinnipiac bubble, not traveling home for the weekends and showing up for your on-campus COVID testing date.

Ellett also mentioned that Quinnipiac is looking into activities that will allow students to interact with each other safely on campus, including the Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the first-ever university-wide Bobcat Day and the Warrior Dash.

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