Quinnipiac University mourns the loss of Matthew Cooper


Matthew Cooper, Director of the Office of Student Accessibility

Samantha Perelli, Associate Producer

Matthew Cooper, the director of the Office of Student Accessibility, passed away on Thursday, June 3. Associate Vice President for retention and academic success, Andy Delohery said although it was an unexpected death, Cooper’s family surrounded him with love.

“While Matt was deeply involved in many facets of Quinnipiac life, his first joy was working with students,” Delohery wrote.

Cooper began his career at Quinnipiac in 2013 as a learning services specialist. Delohery mentions that although Cooper mainly worked on the North Haven campus, that did not stop him from being appreciated by Quinnipiac students and coworkers. In 2016 Cooper was promoted to director of the Office of Student Accessibility. This promotion allowed Cooper to lend a helping hand to students individually. Cooper helped grow the Office of Student Accessibility significantly, now there are five additional staff members working closely with students in the Learning Commons.

“Matt quickly developed a reputation as a good resource, not just for students seeking access, but providing learning strategies and skills development for a wider student audience as well as ideas for faculty,” Delohery said.
Cooper worked hard within the Learning Commons and CARE team to accommodate the students and make improvements on campus.

“Matt and his colleagues explored means to enhance the student experience. Matt’s participation in the Community, Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team made him an important conduit across those units at Quinnipiac engaged in supporting our students’ academic, health and social wellbeing,” Delohery said.

Cooper received a B.A. in social science from Hofstra University, as well as a M.S. in counseling from Central Connecticut state university and a MBA in organizational leadership from the University of New Haven.

For those who wish to pay their respects to Cooper and his family, “A memorial service will be held at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic church, 14 Prospect St.., Essex, CT, on Saturday, June 26, at 11:30 a.m.” Delohery said.

To contribute in the remembrance and honoring of Cooper and his accomplishments, Delohery mentions one can send gifts in his memory to Heather Stegmaier, the director of donor relations (AH-DVP, 275 Mount Carmel AveHamden, CT 06489) to support a financial aid scholarship.

Support services for students, faculty and staff: (203) 582- 8580

“We are staggered by the untimely loss of Matt Cooper. I know you join me in sending heartfelt condolences and wishes of support to Matt’s family,” Delohery said.