Quinnipiac sees an increase in COVID-19 cases


Kaye Paddyfote, News Director

As of today, Quinnipiac University has five students who have tested positive with COVID-19. All of these students live off-campus and contact tracing has started. 

The most recent cases are two roommates who live off-campus in a Quinnipiac owned house, and one student who lives in an off-campus house non-affiliated with Quinnipiac.

According to a statement released by John Morgan, the associate vice president of public relations, “All cases were reported to the university by the students, who had their own external tests performed.”

Compared to other colleges and universities around the state this is a low number. University of Connecticut [UCONN] has had 202 Cumulative Residential Student Positive Results and Yale University has had 324 total positive tests overall. 

However, senior engineering major, Amanda Etienne believes the amount of cases that there are now isn’t an accurate representation.

“I do think the school isn’t doing enough testing to have an accurate representation of what’s really going in the school,” Etienne said. “I feel like with the amount of students that are on campus in the amount of faculty on campus there sadly should probably be more cases so I just think the school needs to do more testing.”

Quinnipiac students are still required to get tested at random times when they receive an email from health services and if students miss their date there is now a consequence. 

The consequences were sent to students in an email from Tom Ellet, the chief experience officer.

If you fail to show up when you’re asked to participate in the weekly test, there will be consequences, effective Oct. 5, 2020:
  • First time missing your testing date – Students will receive a written email warning that they missed their testing appointment and will automatically be rescheduled for the following week’s testing.
  • Second time missing your testing date – Students who miss two testing appointments will be denied access to campus and all university facilities, including in-person classes and co-curricular activities. Students living in QU-owned housing or residence halls will be removed from campus and sent home within 48 hours of notification.

These protocols are being put in place to ensure the Quinnipiac community is safe and healthy.