Quinnipiac students help classmates after shuttle breaks down on York Hill campus


Samantha Moore

A Quinnipiac University York Hill shuttle broke down on its way to the Mount Carmel campus Thursday morning, leaving students to rely on one another for rides down to campus.

According to multiple students, the shuttle broke down around 10:15 Thursday morning while going down the hill. Students reported the driver stopped at the light on level ground, and tried to restart the engine. They were unable to turn it back on after shutting the bus off.

Quinnipiac junior Rebecca Carlone was driving behind the shuttle during the incident, and was asked by students she did not know if she could give them rides down to campus.

Several other students reportedly helped those stranded as well. Even though she did not know any of the them personally, Carlone said it was a matter of doing a good deed to help her fellow classmates.

“I really didn’t see it as a big deal to drive the students,” she said. “They were very appreciative and I’m sure everyone else in that situation wouldn’t mind pitching in to help their classmates.”

A call to Quinnipiac Public Affairs regarding the nature of the shuttle’s breakdown had not yet been returned at press time.