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Bobcat Breakdown: 2/14/19

Jonathan Banks, Executive Producer

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On this episode of Bobcat Breakdown, Kyle Levasseur and Shane Dennehy join the desk with Ryan Flaherty hosting.

They talk about what was most impressive about last weekend’s men’s hockey win against Yale, and women’s hockey’s race for a postseason spot.

The guys then select their 3v3 fantasy women’s basketball teams, and Q30 basketball beat reporter Robyn Brown joins live to analyze whether Kyle or Shane’s team would win in a matchup.

Off course, they’ll each give their final roars.

Don’t miss any of it on Bobcat Breakdown!

About the Writer
Jonathan Banks, Executive Producer: Bobcat Breakdown | Men's Ice Hockey Beat Reporter

Jonathan Banks is a men's hockey beat reporter from West Orange, New Jersey. He previously served as both an executive and associate producer for Bobcat...

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