Bobcat Breakdown: 3/19/19


Jonathan Banks, Executive Producer

Katie O’Keefe hosts an action-packed playoff show with live women’s basketball and men’s hockey coverage. Shane Dennehy and Bryan Schwartz react to the seeding for the women’s basketball team in the NCAA Tournament and discuss if this is the team’s easiest path to the Sweet 16 in recent memory.

M.J. Baird and Kyle Levasseur hop on the desk in the next block to discuss the men’s hockey team’s shocking upset at home at the hands of No. 8 Brown in the ECAC Hockey quarterfinals. Who is most responsible for the series loss? With the loss, are the Bobcats still national championship contenders?

Lastly, O’Keefe gives us her final roar to close out the show.

All of this, and so much more, on Bobcat Breakdown.