Bobcat Breakdown: Championship Episode, Volleyball’s MAAC Tournament Win, Women’s Hockey Nutmeg Classic Championship Win

In the 12th episode of Bobcat Breakdown Nick Boyd makes his Breakdown debut alongside Clever Streich and Gage Kilborne. The analysts discuss the four MAAC Conference championship winners and which win was most iconic.

Gage and Clever start off the show talking volleyball and the turning point in the season for the team. Women’s volleyball beat reporter Emily Sweeney breaks down the MAAC Tournament in Orlando, Florida and goes into the specifics on the win and who excelled in the tournament.

After the break, Gage and Clever break down the women’s ice hockey teams continuous Nutmeg Classic Championship win and how the top two lines have been consecutive this year. The analysts were then asked question from Q30 Sports twitter followers on ice hockey. Gage and Clever duke it out on whether or not the men’s ice hockey team is built to compete with teams out side of the ECAC.

To cap off the night, Nick announces the QBSN Call of the Week and final roars were said.