Bobcat Breakdown: Live interview with Kyle Robinson, Men’s Preseason MAAC Polls and Women’s Ice Hockey win

In the fifth episode of Bobcat Breakdown Seth Fromowitz makes his Bobcat Breakdown debut as host, with Executive Producer Connor Coar and Associate Producer Santino Maione who duke it out on the desk on all things volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s ice hockey.

To start the show off, head volleyball coach Kyle Robinson sits down in the Piazza for an exclusive live interview with QBSN Chairwoman Emily Sweeney. Kyle and Emily discuss the season so far and how being on the road during the beginning of their season has affected their play. After the interview, Seth, Connor and Santino at the desk discuss the rest of the upcoming season for Kyle and his squad. 

After the first break, Connor and Santino discuss women’s soccer and what was this team’s downfall in the last six games of the season heading into the playoffs. Hitting the ice, the boys talk about all things women’s ice hockey after the surprising win over Boston College 5-0. The show of course ended with Final Roars.