Bobcat Breakdown: Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey, Tomas Svecula’s Senior Year, Women’s Soccer Mid-MAAC Report

In the sixth episode of Bobcat Breakdown, Ben Rickevicius makes Q30 debut as host, with Women’s Ice Hockey beat reporter Clever Streich and Nick Antoniadis who discuss and analyze all things men’s and women’s ice hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, and field hockey.

To start the show off Clever and Nick have a heated debate on all things hockey. They have their predictions for the men’s team as they face the number three team North Dakota this weekend. They also discuss whether or not Olivia Mobley will break her personal points record this season.

After the first commercial break Clever and Nick leave the rink, and hit the field to talk about men’s and women’s soccer. They give their Mid-MAAC season soccer report for the women’s team as they have five games left.

To end the show Ben talks about the QBSN Game of the Week and the hosts give their Final Roars.