Sports Paws 09/21/20


This week’s edition of Sports Paws, the first edition of the fall semester, was hosted by former Sports Paws Executive Producers Jon Surratt and Joe LoGrippo!


Jon and Joe began this quick fifteen minute show recapping everything going on in the world from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement and how the show will be different since the last edition six months ago. 


The focus was then shifted to an interview that Jon had done with Quinnipiac men’s basketball coach Baker Dunleavy and the status of the upcoming season, how things will be different for the athletes and coaches, and the Black Lives Matter movement and continued fight for social justice.


The guys on the desk then transitioned to something Sports Paws has never done before, step into the world of professional sports, starting with the NBA and WNBA playoffs. Jon and Joe provided updates on the eastern and western conference finals in the NBA and a look at the WNBA series between the Las Vegas Aces and local Connecticut Sun.


Switching from the hardwood to the ice, Jon and Joe gave us a look at the current state of the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars. The guys then finished by talking about Connor Clifton and Devon Toews, former Quinnipiac men’s ice hockey players who competed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year.


Jon and Joe then finished the show by showing the updated AFC and NFC standings in the NFL and some key games taking place this week as well as the games New York and Boston teams have this week.