Coronavirus weekly testing is required for students only, parents react online


Olivia Schueller, General Member

Quinnipiac faculty and staff are not required to be tested for the coronavirus. Parents and students are voicing their concerns online about the university’s decision to not test everyone that steps foot onto campus.

“There were definitely some angry [parents], but you know I think just overall it was really just shocked and disappointed,” parent Karen Mirsky said.

In August, Quinnipiac’s Back to Bobcat Nation guide was released with resources and new regulations for the Quinnipiac community to follow. 

“Our actions and decisions have been, and will continue to be, based on the guidance of university experts and of local, state and federal officials with the health and safety of Quinnipiac’s faculty, staff, students and neighbors our top priority,” Vice President and Dean of students, Monique Drucker, wrote. 

Mirsky feels that faculty and students are at the same risk of getting the coronavirus.

“Nobody really knows what everyone is doing when they leave the campus,” Mirksy said. “I just feel like if you really want to keep everybody there and be as safe as possible, I mean it’s kind of a no brainer to me.” 

Senior medical advisor and medical sciences professor, Dr. David Hill said the topic of testing faculty and staff comes up often in task force meetings. 

“The faculty are visitors to campus and they’re not coming on campus every day,” Dr. Hill said. “They’re coming when they have responsibilities or they’re teaching their classes while they’re on campus.”

Majority of students think that faculty should also be tested for coronavirus. 

“They’re exposed to their families at home, and whoever their families at home are exposed to, so it’s the same exact thing as us,” senior, Olivia Curtin, said.

On the University’s website, it says that 15% of undergraduate residential and non-residential students are tested weekly. Faculty and staff are not held accountable to be tested weekly. 

“If they were concerned, and this comes from the faculty point of view, they can [get tested] if they have Quinnipiac insurance,” Dr. Hill said.

Quinnipiac released a symptom checker app two weeks ago. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to monitor their health on the app daily. 

“If they expect us to be diligent about it and being tested, as well they should be,” senior, Jen Finley, said. 

Senior, David Reynoso, does not agree with the majority of his peers. He says that faculty and staff are held more accountable than students are.

“I kind of think that if we trust them to teach our classes then we should be able to trust them to act responsible as well,” Reynoso said. 

Associate Vice President of Public Relations, John Morgan, told Q30 News, “The state is not requiring universities to test faculty and staff for the virus, as experts believe students who are living and congregating together present the biggest risk for transmitting the virus.” 

Mirksy wishes the university was more transparent about faculty and staff not being required to test for the coronavirus. The Connecticut Department of Public Health doesn’t require universities to test their faculty and staff for the coronavirus.