News Team 30: Learning Commons


Elijah Westbrook

By Sean Clasby

Last year the Learning Commons moved out of Tator Hall and into the left wing of the Arnold Bernhard Library. The facility in the library is bigger than the former one in Tator Hall and can accommodate more students. The Learning Commons offers extra support to students through academic counseling and peer tutoring.

“Yet I still feel there are students and a great number of students who don’t understand what the learning commons provides,” said Bernard Grindel. Grindel is the Assistant Director of the Learning Commons and he is responsible for running the peer tutoring program.

According to Grindel the peer tutoring program is the most underutilized recourse for students. In fact, only about one in every five students attends a session with a peer tutor. However, those students who are meeting with a peer tutor say it is a positive experience.

“I learned things that are outside of class,” said Emily Fregeau.

Grindel says the goal of the Learning Commons is not only to help students comprehend the concepts they are struggling with but also to learn new study strategies. This approach according data, has been working.
“We do know that it works. We do know that every semester we have 150 sometimes 200 students that use tutoring out of the 1,000 who are on the Dean’s List,” said Grindel.
And the students are not the only ones enjoying their success.

“When somebody comes back to me and says they got an A on an exam it makes me feel so good that I really could help them out when they were struggling,” said Peer Tutor Stephanie Gauthier.
The Learning Commons is open every day of the week. Monday through Sunday. If a student wishes to make an appointment then they can stop by in person or call on the phone.