Students still upset over off-campus policy


Giovanni Mio

By Nikki DiRico

The town of Hamden has become all too familiar with certain partying hot spots near Quinnipiac University.

Quinnipiac Public Safety and the Hamden police department issued a warning in November last year via email to students with houses off-campus. The joint press release included a quote from Mark Thompson, Executive Vice President and provost.

“Students who host off-campus parties that are broken up by the Hamden Police Department will face dismissal from the university,” Thompson said in the email.

Now, students are left to wonder if the school has overstepped its boundaries. Quinnipiac Public Safety and the Hamden Police Department did not wish to comment.

“I feel like it definitely impedes on my exterior rights,” said junior Patrick Gartrelle. “I pay my own rent and own utility bills, but yet again I still have to live within two communities even though I’m physicially only living in one.  It’s kind of stressful.”

Hamden residents have frequently complained about wild weekend parties with nearly 400 students in attendance.

“I feel that it was a little extreme,” Gartrelle said. “I feel like expulsion or suspension is a little extreme for disrupting the peace. Yes it’s unsafe, and I see where they are coming from, but then again they are our liberties, or were our liberties, to living off-campus and now I feel like it’s going to drive people to live on-campus for the convenience of it.”

Quinnipiac students are now questioning if they event want to own an off-campus house.

“The partying isn’t going to stop, so they’re just gonna move them somewhere else,” junior Jacqueline Palmer said. “The problem will be moved to somewhere else.”

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