SGA Vice President for Finance announces resignation


Samantha Perelli, Associate Producer

Vice President for Finance Cameron Davignon resigned from his position in Student Government Association (SGA) on Wednesday, Oct. 27 during the general board meeting.

In a statement read during the meeting, Davignon mentions that while he was happy to be a part of SGA, it is time to step down from his position due to current academic standing and personal commitments.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve this incredible group, as well as our student body,” Davignon said. “This decision has been the most difficult thing I’ve had to do in my college career to this point.”

Davignon reminisces about all of his time with members of SGA that have turned into friends and will always be grateful for the growth in and beyond this position.

“I am filled with appreciation for the opportunity SGA has provided me during my time at Quinnipiac, and I will always look back fondly on this experience,” Davignon said. “It has brought me happiness and friendship, and allowed me to grow personally and professionally while developing the maturity to make necessary decisions like these.”

Davignon looks forward to seeing how SGA will take in a new member that will encourage this organization to thrive further.

“I remain confident in the high level of talent and ability within SGA and I know our organization will successfully fill this position with someone whose academic and personal commitments do not prevent them from meeting the current demands of this role,” Davignon said.

In a statement from SGA, the organization says the resignation will go into effect after a special election takes place on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Until the resignation is concluded, Davignon says he is committed to helping SGA throughout the remainder of the semester.

“Please know that I am committed to doing whatever is necessary to help close out the fall semester successfully,” Davignon said.

Davignon’s departure follows the resignation of former SGA Vice President of Public Relations Carmine Grippo, who announced his plan to resign in the general board meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 29. The current SGA Vice President of Public Relations was sworn in the following week.

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