Quinnipiac updates COVID-19 policies and procedures for the summer term

Matthew Jaroncyk, Associate Producer and COVID-19 Beat Reporter

On Monday morning, Quinnipiac students were notified by email about the recent changes to the COVID-19 policies and procedures. Students will no longer be required to wear masks outdoors, the visitor policy is being relaxed and vaccinated students do not need to participate in weekly testing or quarantine if exposed to a positive COVID-19 case.

This comes after the COVID-19 Task Force and university leadership reviewed the most recent guidelines and recommendations from the state of Connecticut and the CDC.

The guidelines – which started effective Monday, May 17 – provided the latest updates on what should be expected for this summer.

Wearing masks will not be mandatory for students outdoors. However, the university may mandate wearing masks for large-scale events.

Daniella Minella, a senior public relations major, is excited to hear the news, but is a little nervous about what lies ahead.

“Not being able to wear masks outdoors is relieving,” Minella said. “Obviously I am nervous like everyone else, but I feel like things are going back to normal. A lot of people are getting vaccinated, so it’s more of a good thing than a bad thing and since we’re outside, the people that are not vaccinated are less of a risk to ones who are.”

While indoors, masks are still required to be worn by all students and faculty, with the exception of eating or inside a residence hall room/house. Within the university dorms, a group of fully vaccinated individuals are together in a private room, but must remain masked in common areas.

Non-Quinnipiac employees and students — consisting of family members, guest speakers, job candidates and others — are being permitted on campus grounds and all university buildings and facilities. The size restrictions for indoor residence hall gatherings remain at a maximum of 10 people or twice the occupancy being allowed.

The university also notes that overnight stays are permitted among Quinnipiac students, but not for non-Quinnipiac students.

Fully vaccinated students will not need to participate in weekly testing but non-vaccinated students will continue to be tested weekly if selected. Unless symptomatic, fully vaccinated students will not need to quarantine if deemed a close contact to a positive case.

For those looking to participate in university-sponsored travel (i.e. QU in LA, mission trips), they must be vaccinated.

Students must upload a copy of their vaccination record to the Student Health Services Patient Portal. Though this is not enforced for Quinnipiac employees, the university recommends employees to send a copy of their vaccination records to the Office of Human Resources.

The rate of vaccinations among our university community is key to our fall reopening plans and is the only way we can lift many of our COVID restrictions,” said Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. David Hill.

These policies and procedures are currently in effect now, and will be reassessed for the upcoming fall semester.