Sports Paws: 9/24/18

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Sports Paws: 9/24/18

Katie O'Keefe

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Kyle Levasseur and Eric Kerr anchor this week’s episode of Sports Paws.

The university has suspended one athletic team in a pending, serious investigation. Find out which team it is and what information we have.

Next, Ryan Flaherty joins the pair as a women’s soccer analyst to discuss the team’s potential.

Later on, Bryan Schwartz outlines what the field hockey team needs to do to beat their next opponent, Liberty University.

Live in-studio is men’s soccer forward Eamon Whelan with Q30’s Roberto Casillas.

All that and so much more, only on SportsPaws.

Sports Paws is Q30’s sports highlight show that covers the latest in Quinnipiac Athletics. The show includes interview segments, play-by-play analysis and the Top 5 Plays of the week.