QUestionnaire: Student Programming Board President


Alex Taglieri

by Alex Taglieri

The Student Programming Board’s events are visible throughout campus, but many students don’t know about the students who lead the organization and plan its programs. Get to know SPB President Miranda Zygmunt, in her own words and handwriting.

What’s your major?

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Quinnipiac?

Describe what Fall Fest is going to be like in one word:

What’s your favorite annual SPB event?

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

What do you miss most from your hometown while you’re at school?

What’s the best restaurant in Hamden or New Haven?

What’s the best residence hall on campus?

Why should students join SPB?

Draw your best doodle of Boomer the Bobcat:

Although Miranda Zygmunt says she did not plan on becoming president of the Student Programming Board when she joined freshman year, she now feels ready to take on this role as a senior.

Zygmunt is focused on making changes to the campus climate by promoting student involvement and pinpointing exactly what events students are looking for.

“With the new, huge freshmen class coming up… we tried to really get out and talk to them at our events. We want students to get involved because ultimately these are their events,” Zygmunt said.

In her third year with the organization, Zygmunt has learned that the key to planning events people want to attend is making sure that every voice is heard.

“Something that sets us apart from other organizations is that we make sure that people other than our executive board are involved in these decisions,” Zygmunt said. “We have general board members that will help plan out the events, so we can make it more of an inclusive process than other boards.”

As president, Zygmunt oversees seven committees, and works closely with the executive board to book speakers, plan the annual concerts and budget for the weekly events.

The time that Zygmunt and other SPB members devote to the organization culminates in weekly events around campus, from monthly movie screenings to paint nights.

“We usually have pretty good attendance at our events. We find that, yes, there is kind of a culture at Quinnipiac to go out on the weekends, but there are students that just want to hang out with their friends and have a good time,” Zygmunt said.

One of their most popular events, Fall Fest, will take place September 16 in South Lot. The free show begins at 12:30 with the Ready Set scheduled to open for the Plain White T’s.

“It’s song and artists that we all grew up with,” Zygmunt said. “Based on what we’ve been hearing, students are going to be really into that.”

SPB’s general board meetings take place every Monday at 4:15 p.m. in SC120, and are open to any student.

“There is a spot for you if you want to be involved. We encourage everyone to attend. You can have as little involvement in this organization as you want, or you can be overly involved in this organization. There’s always something for you,” Zygmunt said.